Long-Range Planning

RTP 2050: Moving South Jersey Forward

RTP 2050 serves as the current regional transportation plan for South Jersey. Adopted in January 2021, its purpose is to educate the public on why transportation planning matters. It includes both long and short-range strategies and actions leading to the development of an integrated transportation system that facilitates the efficient movement of people and goods.

RTP 2050: Moving South Jersey Forward

Whether you realize it or not, during the course of your day, you are on the move, dependent on the transportation network to get you where you need to go. Part of SJTPO’s role is to create an accessible and safe transportation system, while educating the region’s public about how much transportation matters. Let’s keep Moving South Jersey Forward!

Further, for the region to receive federal funding, there must be a long-range regional transportation plan in place. The long-range plan details the ways the region aims to invest in the transportation system. It identifies the region’s long term needs and the policies, strategies, and projects that will address those needs. The current long-range plan, RTP 2050, guides how over $5 billion in federal transportation funds will be spent in the region over the next 30 years.

RTP 2050 vision, goals, and strategies >>>

Need a Hard Copy of the RTP 2050?

All final draft and final approved plans, programs, and studies produced by SJTPO are available online, at the SJTPO office, and at select libraries in the SJTPO region.

If, for any reason, an individual is unable to view documents on the SJTPO website, the SJTPO office, or any of the select libraries in the SJTPO region, noncolor copies may be requested. Fees for copies are $0.05 per letter page or $0.07 per legal page. Copies may be picked up at the SJTPO office for no additional charge or mailed at the expense of the receiver. The SJTPO may waive totals under $1.00. Printing and postage costs must be paid by receiver prior to mailing. Checks or money orders must be made out to the South Jersey Transportation Authority (SJTA). Cash is not accepted.

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Need the RTP Translated?

The RTP can be translated into an alternate language. To request a translation, complete tThe RTP can be translated into an alternate language. To request a translation, complete the Translation Request form or email TitleVI@sjtpo.org.

Our Vision

A transportation system, based on regional collaboration that moves people and goods in a safe and efficient manner, inclusive of all modes and users.

Planning Strategies & Goals


Promote Accessibility and Mobility for the movement of People and Goods


Support the Regional Economy


Mitigate Traffic Congestion and Promote Efficient System Operation


Improve the Resiliency and Reliability of the transportation infrastructure


Protect and enhance the Environment and Complement Land Use Planning


Restore, Preserve, and Maintain the existing transportation system


Improve Security


Improve Transportation Safety


Enhance the Integration and Connectivity of the transportation system


Increase and enhance opportunities for Travel and Tourism

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