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This page announces formal public comment periods conducted according to federal regulations as well as project-specific public comment opportunities. General comments are also welcomed.

There are two formal public comment opportunities now available. 

Formal Public Comment Periods

The SJTPO conducts formal 30-day public comment periods prior to the adoption of these three key planning documents: the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), and the Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP). A formal 45-day public comment period is held for the Public Involvement Plan (PIP).

Formal comment periods are also held when these documents are significantly changed or amended. For instance, for the TIP, a comment period is held when adding or deleting projects, or in the event of a project scope or project schedule change that results in a new conformity analysis. Further details on public comment periods are provided in the Public Involvement Plan.

Steps for Formal Public Comment Periods

Formal public comment periods include the steps listed below to involve the public.

  • Place notification in the legal section of regional daily newspapers, as deemed necessary
  • Place notification on the SJTPO website and social media platforms with an option for submitting comments via e-mail
  • Provide notification to a listing of representative interest groups, stakeholders, and agencies in the region
  • Distribute documents to the region’s State Depository Libraries

How Comments will be Used

To maintain an effective and meaningful public involvement process, SJTPO will appropriately consider all public comments. SJTPO is responsible for coordinating a response to comments in a timely manner. A written summary, analysis, and report on the disposition of all significant comments received during the comment periods for the RTP, TIP, UPWP, PIP, and Major Amendments will be provided as part of the final document.

Formal Public Comment Opportunities

Draft Regional Transportation Plan, RTP 2050

The federally required long-range regional transportation plan, Draft RTP 2050 is available for public comment. The RTP is updated every four years and details the vision, goals and strategies, and projects that are planned over the next 30 years in the South Jersey region.

Comments must be submitted in writing via the following methods:

  • Google form;
  • Emailed to;
  • Faxed to (856) 794-2549;
  • Direct messaged to SJTPO’s Twitter or Facebook accounts; or
  • Mailed to RTP 2050 Public Comments, C/O David Heller, 782 S Brewster Rd, Unit B6, Vineland, NJ 08361

The Draft RTP 2050 can be translated into an alternate language, if requested by submitting a form or emailing Please allow a 3-day time period for SJTPO to process any requests.

Access for All Transit Plan & Current 2015 Plan

Public comments will be accepted through Wednesday, July 22, 2020. 

SJTPO is beginning the process of updating its Access for All Transit Plan, which serves as the 5-year update to the 2015 Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan. The purpose of this Federally required plan is to have SJTPO, along with regional stakeholders, identify unmet transportation needs and recommend measures to increase service quality and reduce the cost of providing services to a segment of the region’s population that is unable to or not permitted to operate a vehicle.

SJTPO is now accepting comments on the current 2015 Plan, which will help to better inform the recommendations to be made in the Access for All Transit Plan. To learn more about the update and to view the current 2015 Plan, visit the Access for All webpage.

Comments may be submitted in person at any of the public meetings or submitted in writing:

  • Emailed to,
  • Submit comment form,
  • Faxed to (856) 794-2549,
  • Directed messaged to SJTPO’s Facebook or Twitter accounts, or
  • Mailed to Access for All; c/o Mike Reeves; 782 South Brewster Road, Unit B6; Vineland, NJ 08360

The current 2015 Plan can be translated into an alternate language, if requested by submitting a form or emailing Please allow a 3-day time period for SJTPO to process any requests.

Project-Specific Comment Opportunities

No opportunities are available at this time. 

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