The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a list of projects and programs scheduled for advancement over the next ten years. Transportation projects must be included in the TIP to receive most types of federal funding. This list of projects is where planning meets implementation as these projects have the funding to move towards construction.

Project name DBNUM County Municipality Phase Fund 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020-2025
Atlantic Avenue, Connecticut Avenue to Maine Avenue S1408 Atlantic Atlantic City CON STATE-SJTPO 1.110
Brigantine Blvd., Sec. 1B, Repaving (CR 638) S0914 Atlantic Brigantine City CON STATE-SJTPO 1.500
Corsons Tavern Road, Resurfacing (CR 628) S0902 Cape May Dennis Twp CON STP-SJ 1.723
Corsons Tavern Road, Resurfacing Woodbine-Ocean View Rd. to US Route 9, mp 4.71 to 6.75 S1004 Cape May Upper Twp CON STP-SJ 1.682
CR 551 (Hook Road), E. Pittsfield Street to Route 295 S1406 Salem Pennsville Twp CON STATE-SJTPO 1.500
Cumberland County Federal Road Program S1403 Cumberland Various ERC STATE-SJTPO 2.250 2.000 1.900
Eleventh Avenue (CR 669), Municipal Border to Route 50 (Broad Street) S1410 Atlantic Weymouth Twp CON STATE-SJTPO 1.700
Landis Avenue, Phase III, Coney Avenue to West Avenue S1122 Cumberland Vineland City CON STP-SJ 0.670
Landis Avenue, Phase IV, Orchard Road (CR 628) to Moyer Street, mp 8.69 to 9.09 S1124 Cumberland Vineland City CON STP-SJ 0.609
Landis Avenue, Phase V, Mill Road to Orchard Rd (CR628) mp 8.21 to 8.69 S1407 Cumberland Vineland City CON STP-SJ 0.700
Perkintown Road (CR 644), Bridge over Route 295 15316 Salem Oldsman Twp CON STATE 6.050
Route 30, Atco Avenue to Route 206 11416 Atlantic Hammonton CON STATE 2.373
Route 30, Bridge over Duck Thorofare 14428 Atlantic Atlantic City CON NHPP 9.500
Route 30, Elmwood Rd/Weymounth Rd (CR 623) to Haddon Ave. 11337 Atlantic Mullica Twp CON STATE 9.500 10.000
Route 30, Illinois Avenue (CR 631) to Grammercy Avenue 12403 Atlantic Absecon City CON NHPP 5.075
Route 40, Atlantic County, Drainage 08371 Atlantic Egg Harbor Twp CON NHPP 10.200
Route 40, Elmer Lake to Elmwood Avenue 12413 Salem Upper Pittsgrove Twp CON NHPP 4.691
Route 40, NJ Turnpike to E Quillytown Rd 12411 Salem Carneys Point Twp CON NHPP 3.410
Route 40, Wilson Avenue to Route 77 11421 Salem Woodstown Boro CON NHPP 17.000
Route 40, Woodstown Intersection Improvements 04308 Salem Woodstown Boro CON NHPP 1.380
Route 40/322, Median Closures, Delilah Road to East Fire Road 196A5 Atlantic Hamilton Twp CON NHPP 4.200
Route 45, Main Street (CR 672) to Chestnut Street 14363 Salem Various CON STATE 2.545
Route 47 (Rio-Grande Avenue), Park Boulevard to George Redding Bridge S1414 Cape May Wildwood City CON STP-SJ 1.712
Route 47, CR 552 (W. Sherman Avenue) to Route 56 (Landis Avenue) 14374 Cumberland Vineland City CON STATE 2.100
Route 47, Nummytown Mill Pond Dam 12320 Cape May Middle Twp CON NHPP 1.400
Route 47/347 and Route 49/50 Corridor Enhancement 2149F1 Cape May Various CON CMAQ 3.800
Route 49, Bridge over Maurice River 15314 Cumberland Millville City CON NHPP 7.430
Route 49, Buckshutem Road, Intersection Improvements (CR 670) 95017 Cumberland Bridgeton City CON STATE 5.550
Route 49, Sarah Run Drive to Garrison Lane, Pavement 11423 Cumberland Various CON NHPP 9.240
Route 52, Causeway Replacement, Contract A 244 Cape May Ocean City CON NHPP 14.900 8.900
Route 54, Route 322 over Cape May Point Branch, Contract B 01339A Atlantic Folsom Boro CON STP 0.784
Route 55, SB Schooner Landing Road to Sherman Avenue 11343A Cumberland Millville City CON NHPP 8.204
Route 73 (Blue Anchor Road), Route 322 to Route 54 (Twelfth Street) S1412 Atlantic Folsom Boro CON STATE-SJTPO 1.500
Route 73 (Mays Landing Road), Route 54 (Twelfth Street) to Sherry Lane S1413 Atlantic Folsom Boro CON STATE-SJTPO 1.000
Route 77, Elmer-Shirley Road (CR 611) to Gangemi Lane 12429 Salem Upper Pittsgrove Twp CON STP 3.640
Route 83, Route 47 to Route 9 14373 Cape May Dennis Twp CON STATE 1.850
Route 130, Hollywood Avenue (CR 618) 93216 Salem Carneys Point Twp CON STP 1.690
Route 130, Plant Street to High Hill Road (CR 662) 11414 Salem Various CON STATE 9.006
Route 152, Bay Avenue to Seaview Drive 14371 Atlantic Somers Point City CON STATE 5.350
Route 322, Route 50 to Leipzig Avenue 12433 Atlantic Hamilton Twp CON STP 8.980
Route 49, Estelle-Manor Drive to Dam Road 14367 Atlantic Maurice River Twp CON STATE 3.200
Salem County Mill and Overlay Resurfacing Program S1501 Salem Various CON STATE-SJTPO 1.600 1.800
South Inlet Transportation Improvement Project 9361 Atlantic Atlantic City CON STATE 1.504 1.504 1.504 1.504 9.024