The Public Involvement Plan (PIP)

The Public Involvement Plan (PIP) documents the rules SJTPO will follow and identifies methods that SJTPO will employ in its efforts to ensure that planning efforts include the public to the greatest degree reasonably possible.

SJTPO released the Draft 2020 PIP for public review. Comments will be accepted from Wednesday, October 7, 2020 until Monday, November 23, 2020.

In accordance with Federal guidance, the intent of the SJTPO is to have a meaningful, proactive public involvement process that provides complete and timely information to all segments of the population on key decisions. Furthermore, it supports early and continuing public involvement in the development of the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP), Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), Public Involvement Plan (PIP), and other major plans and programs. In addition, the SJTPO understands the inherent need to develop public understanding and support of its activities.

To accomplish this, the SJTPO will maintain public involvement procedures, consistent with Federal guidance, and in support of the following major goals:

  • Increase and improve opportunities for public involvement.
  • Increase the accessibility and transparency of information available to the public.
  • Increase the efficiency of the public involvement process.
  • Provide the public with more options and more education on how to get involved and be heard in the transportation planning process.
  • Make better transportation decisions that meet the needs of all people.
  • Enhance the environmental justice process.

Comment on the Draft 2020 PIP

The PIP revisions are a result of guidance received during SJTPO’s most recent Certification Review. The Draft 2020 PIP more appropriately address Civil Rights in SJTPO’s outreach process, namely Limited English Proficiency (LEP) and Title VI of Civil Rights Act of 1964. The revisions reflect how SJTPO engages or plans to engage the under-represented populations within the SJTPO region that fall under these Civil Rights umbrellas.

Comments on the Draft 2020 PIP will be accepted until 9:00 a.m. on Monday, November 23, 2020. Comments can be submitted through the following methods:

  • Comment form;
  • Emailed to;
  • Faxed to (856) 794-2549;
  • Direct messaged to SJTPO’s Twitter or Facebook accounts; or
  • Mailed to PIP Public Comments, C/O Melissa Melora, 782 S Brewster Rd, Unit B6, Vineland, NJ 08361

Need a Hard Copy of the Draft 2020 PIP?

Hardcopies are currently available for in-library viewing at the Mays Landing, Stockton University, and Cumberland County Libraries. The remaining State Depository Libraries in the region and the SJTPO office do not have hardcopies for viewing due to COVID-19. To request a hard copy of the Draft 2020 PIP, complete the Document Request form. SJTPO reserves the right to waive copy and postage fees due to COVID-19. For more information on copy and postage fees, view the Accessibility of Documents and Records section, below.

Need the draft 2020 PIP to be Translated?

The PIP can be translated into an alternate language. To request a translation, complete the Translation Request form or email Please allow a 3-day time period for SJTPO to process any requests.

Social Media and its Impact of SJTPO’s Public Involvement Procedures

SJTPO understands that the region’s residents lead active, busy lifestyles, which means not everyone can attend in-person events and meetings. Because of this, SJTPO maintains various social media platforms as an additional method to reach residents and highlight key activities and initiatives. Facebook and Twitter are the two primary forms of social media used by SJTPO to disseminate information regarding upcoming meetings and events, newsletters, reminders about public comment periods, as well as to share the activities of staff members and other regional transportation planning matters.

Any comment the SJTPO receives via social media that adheres to the SJTPO Social Media Policy will be responded to and added to public record, as appropriate.

Social Media Policy

Accessibility of Documents and Records

All final draft and final approved plans, programs, and studies produced by SJTPO are available online, at the SJTPO office, and all State Depository Libraries in the region, which make major government agency documents available for viewing by the public at no cost.

If, for any reason, an individual is unable to view documents on the SJTPO website, the SJTPO office, or any State Depository Library in the SJTPO region, noncolor copies may be requested. Fees for copies are $0.05 per letter page or $0.07 per legal page. Copies may be picked up at the SJTPO office for no additional charge or mailed at the expense of the receiver. The SJTPO may waive totals under $1.00. Printing and postage costs must be paid by receiver prior to mailing. Checks or money orders must be made out to the South Jersey Transportation Authority (SJTA). Cash is not accepted.

Document and Records Request Form