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Defensive Driving

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Most Dangerous Place on Earth

Teens and Trucks

Car Crashes, It’s Basic Physics

Share the Keys

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Belts, Bones, and Buses

Belts on Bones

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety

Occupant Protection for Middle School Students

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Child Passenger Safety – Restraint Systems on School Buses National Training

Child Passenger Safety – Child Passenger Safety Technician Training

Child Passenger Safety – Transporting Children Safely

Child Passenger Safety – Car Seat Inspection Program

Car-Fit for Senior Drivers

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COVID-19: SJTPO’s Response

In accordance with Governor Murphy's request, as of Tuesday, March 17, SJTPO staff will be working remotely for the foreseeable future. The preferred method of contact for SJTPO employees is email; however, responses may be delayed. For employee emails, please visit the Staff Directory.

SJTPO greatly appreciates your understanding during this difficult time and wants you to know staff will continue to advance the agency’s regional responsibilities and programs. The website will continue to be maintained with the latest information, as well as SJTPO’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.

For information directly related to COVID-19, please visit