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Community Outreach and Engagement Committee (COEC)

SJTPO is working to establish a Community Outreach and Engagement Committee (COEC) to enhance the scope of its public outreach and to ensure its decision-making processes are based on diverse, inclusive, and equity-based information and viewpoints. Through its collective membership, the COEC will provide the SJTPO with a direct channel for public and special interest groups to provide input on important subjects such as the development of a safe, effective, and efficient multi-modal transportation system in the SJTPO four-county region.

SJTPO will be reaching out into the community to compose a membership that, to the greatest reasonable degree, reflects the racial, ethnic, cultural, gender, age, geographic, ability, and economic diversity of the four-county region to allow for the discussion of important issues with individuals that can offer SJTPO a snapshot of the diverse set of viewpoints and interests that exist in the region.

SJTPO tentatively anticipates that the COEC will have its first meeting in Late February or Early March of 2023. This page will be updated as meetings, membership, or any additional information are available.

Equal Opportunity (Title VI) 

SJTPO fully complies with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and related statutes and regulations in all programs and activities. SJTPO public meetings are always held in ADA-accessible facilities and transit-accessible locations when possible. SJTPO works to accommodate all reasonable requests for translation, interpretation, and auxiliary services that are necessary for individuals to participate in SJTPO’s programs and activities. SJTPO encourages that requests be made at least seven days before public meetings. Requests can be submitted through the Translation Request Form, emailed to TitleVI@sjtpo.org, or by calling the SJTPO office at (856) 794-1941. For more information on SJTPO’s Civil Rights Program, visit www.sjtpo.org/TitleVI.

Contact Info

Melissa Melora
Public Outreach Coordinator

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