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Carbon Reduction Program

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The Carbon Reduction (CR) program was enacted as part of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) to provide funding for projects that reduce transportation emissions from on-road highway sources through carbon dioxide (CO2) emission reduction strategies and by funding projects designed to reduce transportation emissions. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) provides guidance to apportion funding among the individual programs within each state.

Who is eligible to apply?

The Carbon Reduction (CR) funds are available for projects that involve government, non-profit, and private entities that serve the SJTPO region. Public agencies must be certified eligible to receive federal funds through New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT). The funding is to be obligated to these areas in proportion to the share of New Jersey’s population. The suballocation of funding is divided into four Urbanized Areas (UA) including an UA with a population less than 5,000 persons, an UA with a population of at least 5,000 persons but not more than 49,999 persons, an UA with a population of at least 50,000 persons but not more than 200,000 persons, and an UA with a population greater than 200,000 persons. Private individuals are not eligible to apply.

What type of projects are eligible for Carbon Reduction funding?

A project is eligible for Carbon Reduction (CR) funding by the National Environmental Policy Act if it intends to reduce carbon emissions on or off a roadway in the region. This may include zero emissions vehicles, charging stations, congestion pricing, traffic monitoring, management, or control facilities or program, energy efficient alternative street lighting, and efforts to reduce the environmental and community impacts of freight movement and port authorities. The CR funding can also be used on public transportation projects such as the expansion of a roadway to include a dedicated bus lane or bus rapid transit corridor, or on transportation alternative infrastructure such as the planning, design, and construction of nonmotorized form of transportation including pedestrian sidewalks, bike lanes, trails, or micro mobility project including bike shares. Other uses include supporting alternative fuel vehicles such as electric vehicles, hydrogen, natural gas, or propane; this could comprise of purchasing the vehicles or the construction of equipment to power and provide maintenance. A proposed project should include the emission benefits; however, innovative projects without specified supporting emissions benefits may also be considered.

SJTPO CR Project Selection Process

Following the application deadline, applications will be selected via a competitive process. The steps in the selection process are as follow:

  1. SJTPO staff reviews applications for clarity, completeness, and CR eligibility.
    1. Applications are evaluated & ranked by the CR Selection Committee established by the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) based upon the following goals:
      1. Emission Reduction (the reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions)
      1. Preferred Project Type
      1. Deliverability
    1. The CR Selection Committee forwards its recommended project list to TAC, which then prepares a recommended program for the SJTPO Policy Board.
    1. The SJTPO Policy Board acts upon the TAC-endorsed CR project list.

After final approval and notification of CR award, the sponsor is responsible for implementing and completing the project. This includes any public involvement, planning, design, construction, etc. All project phases are eligible for CR funds, and costs are 100% reimbursable. Projects not implemented in a timely manner run the risk of losing funds. In the case of an uncompleted project, the return of any federal funds expended might be required.

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