The Access for All Transit Plan

The Access for All Transit Plan serves as the update to the 2015 Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan. Federally required to be updated every 5 years, the Plan is anticipated to be approved by the SJTPO Policy Board at the March 22, 2021 public meeting.

SJTPO is preparing its Access for All Transit Plan, which serves as the 5-year update to the 2015 Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan. The purpose of this federally required plan is to have SJTPO, along with regional stakeholders, identify unmet transportation needs and recommend measures to increase service quality and reduce the cost of providing services to a segment of the region’s population that is unable to or not permitted to operate a vehicle. Often referred to as the transportation disadvantaged population, these individuals or groups of persons can include senior citizens, the disabled, and low income persons/households. The Access for All Transit Plan is essential, as transportation services are necessary to allow those in need to get to jobs or job training, child daycare facilities, medical appointments, and shopping or recreational centers.

Phase 1 Public Meetings

SJTPO planned to host four in-person public meetings to ensure interested individuals could learn more about the Plan update and offer feedback. However, the Atlantic and Cape May County in-person public meetings were unable to be held due to COVID-19. The presentations from the Cumberland and Salem County public meetings are provided, below:

Cumberland County Public Meeting – Held on Monday, January 27, 2020

Salem County Public Meeting – Held on Thursday, February 6, 2020

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