Upcoming Public Meeting

SJTPO’s next Policy Board meeting will take place on Tuesday, May 28, 2019 at Vineland City Hall; 10:00 AM. Agenda items include approving an amendment to the FY 2019 Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP), adopting the 2019 Public Involvement Plan (PIP), and adopting the Staff Replacement Plan, among other topics. The full agenda is available, here.

NJDOT Commitment to Communities

Last year, Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti, Commissioner of the New Jersey Department of Transportation, announced an initiative called “Commitment to Communities.” The initiative highlighted the NJDOT’s pledge to ensure local governments succeed in delivering transportation projects that improve safety and quality of life in New Jersey communities without unduly burdening local property taxpayers. Ms. Diane Gutierrez-Scaccetti informed stakeholders that the initiative is succeeding and is an important element in providing superior multi-modal mobility to millions of New Jersey residents every day.

Commitment to Communities Newsletter

DOT Municipal Aid FY17-19

Impact of TTF Reauthorization

Notice of Availability – Request for the Proposals (RFP): Atlantic City Road Safety Assessment for Atlantic Avenue

The City of Atlantic City is seeking a qualified firm to undertake a road safety assessment for all modes of travel on Atlantic Avenue from Boston Avenue (MP 5.73) to Maine Avenue (MP 8.15). The City would like to advance improvements along Atlantic Avenue, including repaving, operational, and safety improvements with the road safety assessment used as a tool to ensure that improvement meaningfully address the existing safety issues along the corridor.

Technical proposals must be prepared and submitted in accordance with the goals, requirements, format, and guidelines presented in this RFP document. The RFP is currently available, interested firms should contact the Atlantic City Purchasing Department at (609) 347-5390 (tmooney@cityofatlanticcity.org, etittermary@cityofatlanticcity.org, kastin@cityofatlanticcity.org) to receive a copy of the RFP via email.

Proposals are to be received no later than 11:00 A.M., prevailing time, on Friday, April 26, 2019. The City shall not be held responsible for proposal packages that arrive late or to the wrong location. Late proposal packages shall not be considered. Submittals should be addressed to:

City Clerk, Room 704, City Hall

1301 Bacharach Boulevard

Atlantic City, New Jersey


Upcoming Public Meetings

Upcoming meetings for Monday, March 25, 2019 include:

Policy Board at 10:00 AM. Agenda items include adopting the FY 2020 budget, formally known as the UPWP, adopting the SJTPO Title VI Assurances, among other business. View the agenda, here.

CAC/public comment opportunity on the Draft 2019 Public Involvement Plan (PIP) at 5:30 PM. View the agenda, here.  

Certification review at 6:00 PM. More information may be found, here.

Landis Avenue Corridor Improvements

Since fiscal year (FY) 2014, Landis Avenue in the City of Vineland has been receiving federal funds through SJTPO for corridor improvements. Landis Avenue serves as “Main Street” in Vineland, and is home to many shops, municipal buildings, churches, hotels, big-box stores, and more. Six stages of improvements are planned for the three-mile stretch of Landis Avenue beginning at Myrtle Street and working westward to Route 55. Planned improvements include new pavement, upgrades to sidewalks and crosswalks, bulb-outs to reduce pedestrian crossing distance, mid-block crossings, improved pavement markings, and traffic signal upgrades. To date, from FY 2014 to FY 2018, $4,403,000 in funding has been made available through SJTPO’s federal resurfacing allocation, Surface Transportation Block Grant Program – South Jersey (STBGP-SJ), and Congestion Mitigation & Air Quality (CMAQ) funds.

Phase one of the project, referred to in the FY 2014-2023 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) (available here) as Landis Avenue, Myrtle Street to Boulevards, Resurfacing began in FY 2014. This phase received $632,000 in Surface Transportation Program-South Jersey (STP-SJ) funds and went to the mill and overlay of Landis Avenue from Myrtle Street to the Boulevards. Mill and overlay refers to a typical roadway repavement, where the top inches of asphalt are milled or removed then an overlay of new asphalt is put in place. Bulb-outs at intersections to improve safety for pedestrian cross and highly visible mid-block crossing were also added. Further, traffic signals were replaced. The traffic signal upgrades were funded through CMAQ for $1.014 million. The signal upgrades included mast arms and signal heads, larger and brighter bulbs, cameras to detect traffic waiting on side streets, and improved timing of signals.

At the intersection of Landis Avenue and Myrtle Street, new striping, bulb-outs to reduce pedestrian crossing length, and newly installed traffic signals with improved lighting are all improvements funded through the SJTPO.

The second phase began in FY 2015. Known as the Landis Avenue, Phase II, West Avenue to the Boulevards (County Route (CR) 615S), the project received $632,000 from STP-SJ funding, the same source as phase one. The funds went to various improvements including the mill and overlay of the roadway, widening the existing right-of-way, removing and replacing concrete items, such as curbs or other drainage features, rehabilitation of the existing storm sewer infrastructure, and bulb-outs, as needed. Traffic signal upgrades were authorized in October of 2017 for $873,300 in CMAQ funding.

In FY 2015, $50,000 in funds went to the design of Landis Avenue, Phase III, Coney Avenue to West Avenue. Then in FY 2016, construction began. $670,000 in STATE-SJTPO funds was used to mill and overlay the roadway, widen the existing right-of-way, removal and replacement of concrete items, such as curbs or other drainage features, and rehabilitation of the existing storm sewer infrastructure, as needed.

Landis Avenue, Phase IV, Orchard Road (CR 628) to Moyer Street, milepost (MP) 8.69 to 9.09 was funded in FY 2017 with STP-SJ funds. Much like phase three, the $609,000 in funding for phase four went to the mill and overlay of the given roadway corridor, widening the existing right-of-way, removal and replacement of concrete items, such as curbs or other drainage features, and rehabilitation of the existing storm sewer infrastructure, as needed. Traffic signal improvements are planned, with authorization pending.

Phase five, referred to in the FY 2016-2025 TIP (available here) as Landis Avenue, Phase V, Mill Road to Orchard Rd (CR 628), began with design in FY 2017. $50,000 in STP-SJ funds went into designing the improvement project. Then in 2018, construction began. Funds were made available in the FY 2018-2027 TIP through the STBGP-SJ funding program. The $1,710,000 went to the mill and overlay of the roadway within the existing right-of-way.

The sixth and final phase of the final corridor improvement, known as Landis Avenue, Mill Road to Rt. 55 began with design in FY 2018. The design for the improvements cost $50,000 and was funded through STBGP-SJ funds. In FY 2019, the SJTPO intends to fund the construction portion of the improvements. The improvements will include the mill and overlay of the roadway within the existing right-of-way, removal and replacement of concrete items, and rehabilitation of the existing storm sewer infrastructure, as needed. The improvements are expected to cost $1,300,000. An update for phase six will be provided when applicable.


Project Authorizations: August 2018 through September 2018

SJTPO works closely with its constituent planning partners to connect transportation projects to federal funding. In recent months, a total of nine projects in three of SJTPO’s four counties have been authorized to advance for federal funding. A project is ‘authorized’ when it has received final approval to begin spending federal dollars. Of the nine projects, four are in Atlantic County, three are in Cumberland County, and two are in Salem County. Each project is included in the latest Fiscal Year (FY) 2018-2027 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), which is the SJTPO product that documents funded projects.

In Atlantic County, the first project authorized is Route 73 (Blue Anchor Road), Route 322 to Route 54 (Twelfth Street). This $1.3 million project will resurface a 2.4 mile stretch of Route 73 within the existing right-of-way. The second project is referenced in the TIP as Delilah Road (County Route 646), English Creek Road to Sharkey Place. This $1.1 million project will allow for reconstruction of the roadway, down to the base layers of asphalt, for a 1.27 mile stretch of Delilah Road. Further, the third project authorized is referred to as Chelsea Section, Albany Avenue. Located in Atlantic City, the design phase of this project was authorized for $133,000. The designs will include improvements to the roadway including resurfacing, upgrades to curb ramps, drainage improvements, and more. The construction phase of this project is expected to follow in FY 2019, when the design is completed. Also, in Atlantic City, is the Atlantic Avenue, Morris Avenue to Rhode Island Avenue project. Funded in earlier years with Transportation Trust Fund (TTF swap) funding, this project, which is in the design phase, will use $116,000 of funding to design mill and overlay on sections of Atlantic Avenue including ADA ramps, storm drain repairs, and compliant manhole lids and rims. Roadway improvements will be completed along two disjointed segments; Morris Avenue to Arkansas Avenue and Massachusetts Avenue to Rhode Island Avenue.

In Cumberland County, specifically in the City of Vineland, the West Avenue, Landis Avenue to Chestnut Avenue project was authorized for $1.2 million. The project, which is in the construction phase, calls for roadway mill and overlay within the existing right-of-way. In addition, the project calls for the removal and replacement of concrete items, such as curbs or other drainage features, and rehabilitation of the existing storm sewer infrastructure, as needed. The second project, also in the construction phase is the Cumberland County Systemic High Friction Surface Treatment Program – HRRR. This $2.3 million Local Safety Program project will reduce the risk of run-off-the-road crashes along 18 curves along 6 high risk rural roads (HRRRs) throughout the County. High friction surface treatment refers to the application of a thin layer of course stone to the roadway that improves the ability of vehicles to get traction and reduce the chances of skidding when travelling along a curve. The safety improvements to these areas will not only include the high friction surface treatment but also the replacement and upgrade of existing regulatory and warning signage to current design and retro-reflectivity standards within the project’s limits. The third project, FY 2018 Cumberland County Federal Road Program is the largest at $2.6 million. The funding will cover the mill and overlay of various roadways within the existing right-of-way. The roadways included are Route 347 (from Maurice Town Causeway to Cumberland County Line), Union Road (from Mays Landing Road to NJ Route 49), and a stretch of Barretts Run Road (County Route (CR) 661).

In Salem County, the FY 2018 Salem County Mill and Overlay Resurfacing Program is in the design phase. This $43,000 project, authorized in mid-September, will conduct design for the mill and overlay of various roadways in Salem County. Safety improvements will also be made. The roadway selected for FY 2018 is CR 639 Willow Grove Road (from Centerton Road (CR 610) to Alvine Road (CR 655)). The last project recently authorized in the region is Hook Road (CR 551), E. Pittsfield Street to Route 295 – phase one. The $1.1 million project will include the resurfacing of Hook Road from East Pittsfield to I-295 Northbound.

For more information on each project, such as the project sponsor or funding source, please review the FY 2018-2027 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) document, which is available on the TIP webpage.

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