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Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

The Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is a list of projects and programs scheduled to be implemented over a period of at least four years.  Transportation projects must be included in the TIP to receive most types of federal funding.  The TIP provides a mechanism for locally-elected officials and agency staff to review the region's capital programming.  It represents a consensus among MPO members and other major transportation interests in the region as to what improvements should have priority for available funds. 

Once a four-year TIP is adopted by the SJTPO Policy Board, approved by the Governor, and the State TIP is approval by the federal government, there are certain procedures established for making any changes to the TIP. These procedures are outlined in a joint Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the DVRPC, NJTPA, SJTPO, NJ Transit and NJDOT.

New Jersey's three MPOs, NJDOT, and NJ Transit have also agreed to exchange sub-allocated STP-SJ funds for state Transportation Trust Funds (TTF) for portions of each MPO's respective capital program. Click here for the "TTF Swap" MOU. The MOU is amended each year to reflect the current fiscal year: First Amendment (2015), Second Amendment (2016).

The FY 2016-2025 electronic Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (e-STIP) is an application that provides current information contained in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program for the State of New Jersey for federal fiscal years 2016 through 2025 as the program is modified and amended. The e-STIP reflects all adopted modifications and amendments to the FY 2016-2025 STIP. Thus, e-STIP is an update of the FY 2016-2025 STIP that was approved on November 20, 2015 by the Federal Highway Administration and the Federal Transit Administration.

Click here for the current public version of e-STIP as modified and amended.

NJDOT Obligation Reports
FY 2015
> All Authorized and Unauthorized Projects
FY 2014
> All Authorized and Unauthorized Projects
FY 2013
> Federally funded Statewide program line items
> Federally funded projects and line items within the SJTPO region
> State funded projects and program line items

Current (FY 2016-2025) TIP Amendments
> Resolution 1603-07
  03/28/2016 - Approving an Amendment to the FY 2016-2025 Transportation Improvement Program Adding Washington Avenue (CR 608) Resurfacing in Atlantic County.
> Resolution 1601-02
  01/25/2016 - Approving an Amendment to the FY 2016-2025 Transportation Improvement Program to provide $989,000 of Federal funds for the Milling & Overlay Resurfacing of Landis Avenue from the Boulevards to West Avenue.
> Resolution 1511-40
  11/23/2015 - Approving an Amendment to the FY 2016-2025 Transportation Improvement Program to add and delete projects in Atlantic City.
> Resolution 1511-39
  11/23/2015 - Approving an Amendment to the FY 2016-2025 Transportation Improvement Program to add and reprogram projects in Cape May County.
Transportation Improvement Program
Current (FY 2016-2025) TIP
> TIP Project Summary Lists
> Section I - Introduction
> Section II - Highway Projects
> Section III - Statewide Projects
> Section IV - NJDOT Projects
> Section V - NJ Transit Projects
> Section VI - Glossary
> Appendix A - Air Quality Conformity
> Appendix B - Public Comments and Responses
  TIP Project Selection Process (updated 5/21/2012)

NJDOT (FY 2016-2025) STIP

Previous Versions
> FY 2014-23 TIP (2013)
  - FY 2014-23 TIP Amendments
> FY 2012-15 TIP (2011)
  - FY 2012-15 TIP Amendments
> FY 2010-13 TIP (2009)
  - FY 2010-13 TIP Amendments
> FY 2009-12 TIP (2008)
> FY 2008-11 TIP (2007)
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